Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

A call to Take Charge!

Keeping yourself and your family healthy is not always easy. As a health-conscious mama I try to feed my family nutritious meals and snacks, encourage lots of movement and outdoor play, and dole out vitamins and probiotics every morning. When someone is under the weather, we take a few extra steps like upping our vitamin C through food and supplements and we try to avoid medicines when possible.

But even the best intentions do not insure perfect health. So what's a person to do?

My advice is this: no, you cannot control all things-- God is in control!-- but you can take charge.

Taking charge means asking questions, researching and doing your homework, seeking alternative treatments and natural remedies.

And that's where doTERRA essential oils (EO's) come in.

Our great earth is full of amazing, useful resources that have the potential to heal many ails.

Surprised? We shouldn't be. God knew what he was doing on day three when he created plants. He knew that they were very good!

Take Melaleuca for instance, it's known as "first aid for the skin". Also known as tea tree oil, the EO Is renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. It also promotes healthy immune from function, a necessity this time of year.

Or how about Wild Orange Oil? Oranges aren't just for eating! This EO is a powerful cleanser and purifying agent; protects against environmental and seasonal threats; has immune enhancing benefits; and energizes and revitalizes the mind and body.

Although I've been using EO's for household uses for a few years now, there is still so much to learn! And that is exactly how I plan to take charge! of my health. I'm reading and researching to figure out the best way to keep my family healthy.

EO's are just a piece of my healthy living puzzle. And you can make them a piece of yours too. I'm here to help!

May God bless you as you pursue happiness, holiness and healthiness!